Fabulous Fall Finds, For Less!

Essie Fall 2011

We all know I’m obsessed with painting my nails. When my nails aren’t polished, I basically feel naked. Essie is usually my brand of choice, and this season they definitely delivered. I have 5 of the 6 colors that make up their gorgeous fall line and of course I couldn’t wait until they were available on amazon.com. In other words, yes, I paid full price. My favorite is Lady Like with Case Study coming in a close second – although I’m sure the darker colors will get some serious time in as it cools off a bit. It’s cheaper if you buy them individually, rather than in the 6 pack. $3 to $5 dollars @ amazon.com

Frye Look-A-Likes 

Do these boots look familiar? I’ll give you a hint. It starts with an F, ends with a RYE, and you can also order them French from McDonalds. If you guessed Frye, you guessed right! These look just like Frye boots but for a fraction of the price. I mean you can pay $245 dollars if you want, or you can just order these from Target, save a few bucks, and still look fabulous. Available only online for $59.99 @ target.com

Here Kitty Kitty

These retro-glam shades are so chic I could scream of excitement – and I just might! I’m beyond ready to ditch my summer aviators and trade up for a pair cat eyes! Lucky for me, they are literally available everywhere. Seriously, these are a must have for fall. A little black dress for your face, if you will. Not to mention instant supermodel status ;) Like I said, you can get them everywhere, but these ones from Urban Outfitters won my heart for style and price. Meow. $14 at urbanoutfitters.com 



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2 responses to “Fabulous Fall Finds, For Less!

  1. kristy lamoureux

    Can you just be my personal shopper? Everything you buy for you, just buy in my size too. I love your fashion sense!

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