enjoy the people you’re with

A month ago I wrote a post about things that changed my life. Now keep in mind that the post was set in complete sarcasm, I tend to over exaggerate when I get excited (and who doesn’t get excited about chip-free nail polish?)

Now, a month later, I am curled up in my air-conditioned house reflecting on a trip to Peru that actually changed my life. I took away a lot of things from this trip, including new friends, a stronger relationship with Christ, and a serious appreciation for so many things that I have – especially fresh air.

Mira Flores, Peru

Blogging is scary. It’s basically a journal open to the world. And while I can tell that people read it, I have no clue who actually does. (I’m sure the page count is just my Grandma clicking on my blog 20 times to make me feel better about myself. And I thank her for that!)

That said, I will chicken out and just share one take away from the trip. Being disconnected from my world back home! No phone calls, text messages, emails, Facebook notifications, tweets, junk mail, faxes, ect… (Okay so I don’t get faxes, but you get the point).

The experience would have been completely different if people would have had their cell phones. Without them, we were forced to make personal, face-to-face, relationships and it made me realize that I got to know the people I was with, which I had just met, almost better in a weeks time than people back home whom I have known for months.

NEW FRIENDS! Kimmie, Laura, Kristin, Joni, Me, Jenny

My Dad, sister and I tried to recreate Peru last night. We blared our Spanish CD in the car and drove to Lake Harriet to get ice cream. (Okay so maybe a little different from the huge bus cruising around like a crazy person through the narrow streets of Peru. I guess the night would have been more realistic had we let Jenny drive, but I’d prefer not to die of a heart attack before my 25 birthday.) We left our cell phones at home and enjoyed each others company over a double mint cone.

Dad + Jenny @ Lake Harriet

As we were leaving the house my dad said “No cell phones!.”

Immediately I asked, “What if we break down.”

“Well,” He replied, “Then we will make a new friend.”

We got through 10 days in Peru without cell phones – and there we didn’t even speak the language. (Although we sure as heck tried. Jenny accidently told some little girls that she was pretty, instead of telling them that they were, and my dad told me he met someone named “nombre” while “nombre” translates to “name” in English so I seriously doubt that was the persons name.)

So I dare you to try it. When you get home from work leave your cell phone in your bedroom. Hang out with your family or your roommates or your 20 cats if your life is really that depressing ;) At the end of the night check your phone, I’d bet you didn’t miss much that couldn’t wait another day – and I’d bet that you had some pretty awesome conversations with the people you were with.



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2 responses to “enjoy the people you’re with

  1. Lois weidner

    Jackie what a lovely experience. Yes, it is your grandma who sent it to
    me to read. I loved the thought of it. We have traveled alot and that
    is one of the things we like the best is to get experiences with the
    locals. We have met at a basketball game that our grandson played
    against Prior Lake. It was by far his best game!

    Good luck and I do hope your grandma will keep me on her list.

    Lois Weidner

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