This nail polish changed my life.

Now I understand how high maintenance I sound right now, but I am okay with that. (Please refer to a previous blog for my explanation of high maintenance, and why I believe it’s just better to admit it, here.)

“It’s changed my life” has spouted from my yap a ridiculous amount of times lately, but I take those words very seriously. And the following products have, even if in sad little ways, made my life just that much better. And I see it as my responsibility to share.

By Elizabeth Dehn: Face Spray
Literally a glass of water for your face. If I haven’t sprayed you yet, watch out. I’m surprised I haven’t gotten this thing taken away from me. $28 @

Essie Nail Polish 
It’s not just the polish or the top coat, but the combo of both that makes this brand lust worthy.  Chinchilly is my current obsession (although my color preference changes almost daily). Top it off with Essie Good To Go Top Coat and your nails will be dry in SECONDS. I’m not making this up. I was in the shower literally minutes after my last self mani, and that my friends, is life changing. Did I mention it doesn’t chip for over a week? Keep in mind I’m not elbow deep in the garden or chiseling away at pot or pan (lets be honest, that’s what dishwashers are for) but still it lasts pretty darn long. $7.79 @

Hibiscus Superflower™​ Tea: Vanilla Apple

I always thought I was a coffee person and that was that. I almost felt like I was somehow betraying Starbucks when I first sipped this tea. It’s caffeine free (crazy, I know) but I can not get through the afternoon without it. It’s the perfect pick me up. Plus it has all sorts of vitamins and healthy things going on in it. So I guess that’s cool too. $10.69 @

Blueberry Yogurt + Mini Frozen Chocolate Chips

I have indebted my life to my step-mom for turning me on to this treat.  Put a yogurt in the freezer for about 20 minutes (just enough to get it creamy and really cold) then add a few (or a handful) of mini chocolate chips. It’s the perfect cure for a late night chocolate craving.

What are your latest obsessions? I’d like to know :)



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2 responses to “This nail polish changed my life.

  1. That face spray looks so refreshing. I’d love to try something like that during the day when my makeup is getting a little tired.

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