Flying with the Morgans

I was first compelled to write this after my dad was charged extra for my step-mom’s over weight suitcase – only to open it and find two, ten pound weights.

We are that family you don’t want to fly with. We need a small army of body guards just to protect the fifteen suitcases the six of us are traveling with. I kid you not, we would bring our entire house and all it’s contents with us for a week trip to Mexico if Delta permitted.

{side note: please note that this is only part of our luggage. Jenny missed the flight to Mexico that year. And that my friends, is a fun little story for another day.}

One full sized electric fan, scrabble, taboo, and yahtzee, six booty body ballet workout tapes, three packages of bagels from Lunds, one regular sized feather pillow, twelve bottles of wine, and obviously, two ten pound dumbbells. (Don’t pretend that these things aren’t on your vacation checklist.)

Now I will be the first one to admit that I have a problem. I know that I have chronic over-packing syndrome. It doesn’t matter if I’m going to Brainerd for the weekend, or Hawaii for ten days, I will fill my suitcase so full, I have to throw my whole body weight into the zipper just to get it closed.

I have found, however, that there are some very odd things that have found to be useful on vacation that you wouldn’t think about packing. And times, when these odd things I packed actually came in handy. Like the time I found my favorite pair of earrings I’d been missing for months inside the BandAid box because I was packing a small first aid kit for my one night camping trip to Rochester.

Have you ever been on vacation and wished you brought something? Like a needle and thread to fix your favorite sundress, or a tweezers to grab that darn sliver from the docks. I want to know! What are some unusual things you pack when you travel?



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  1. Guess Who

    that is the funniest …..i am laughing my belly off

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