9 Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told me Before I Started College…

You know that really tough professor you hear everyone complain about? Take his class.
I did this by mistake my sophomore year and learned more from his class on lay-out and design than I did in all my other advertising classes combined. Sure it was tough, and I worked my butt off, but at the end of the semester I walked away with a ton of new knowledge and a new respect for time management.

Live within walking distance to campus.
I don’t care how crappy the run down four bedroom apartments are near campus – being close to the library and to class in the middle of January means not having to chisel your car out of an ice cube and slide around the barley plowed streets just to go to a class that you don’t want to go to in the first place. Invest in UGG Boots or apply to UCLA. 

Don’t sit in the front row.
Okay so I know everyone else would tell you differently, but spare yourself from 1.) your foreign professors spit and 2.) from being consistently called on to participate. My advice? Sit in the middle. Pay attention. You’ll make friends with the people around you, stay dry, and avoid having to stutter out answers to questions you don’t really even understand.

Enroll in summer classes.
Class periods are long but only last a few weeks. The professors understand that an entire semester full of info jammed into five weeks is a lot, and tough to absorb, so they usually grade easier. Plus they don’t want to be there either so you usually get out early. 

Take a poetry class.
I don’t care if you’re a horrible poet. So am I. But taking a poetry class really makes you analyze words (how they fit together and play off one another) in little groups, which I believe helps writing in general. Plus you’ll meet some unique and cool people who you might not have otherwise and when it’s nice out, your professor might hold class outside on the lawn. Take that accounting majors! 

Mini skirts & low-cut shirts are not okay to wear to class.
I didn’t need anyone to tell me this. I already knew and abided by this rule. I just wish it was general knowledge or at least something included in orientation. 

Supplement a tough course load with an easy online class.
Make friends with someone who is about to graduate that is suffering from severe senoritis. Ask them for a class recommendation. Psychology is usually a good field. Stress Management was the easiest A I earned in college.

Don’t room with a random.
Again, I’m sure everyone has told you differently. But you know those bad made for TV movies where the girl gets suck with a foreign exchange student who barely speaks English, takes phone calls at 3am, and eats cold refried beans straight from the can? Yea, that happened to me. Don’t let it happen to you. 

Get Involved!
I gave this one an explanation mark because I think it is really important. This is something that I didn’t do but wish I did. It looks great on your resume and gives you the chance to meet motivated and inspiring people who are at college for more than cheap tacos and dollar beer.  


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