She’s Gone Country

For those of you who know me well, you cope with my unfortunate obsessive personality. No, I do not have OCD, it’s just that when I like something, I really like it. A lot. (Like grilled cheese sandwiches, vanilla & apple hibiscus tea, and mushrooms – the vegetable, not the drug you loser.)

But lately, I have been absolutely terrified with my newest obsessions: Country music and equestrian chic décor & accessories. Fortunately I don’t have my own home to decorate (or the financial means for that matter) but I do have a radio at my disposal and I have been annoying even myself with the amounts of country music I’ve been playing.

[Source] [Source] [Source]

{Riding Boots $78} {Vintage Horse Shoe Necklace: $20}
{Vintage Saddle Bag: $70} {Belts: $}

And yes, this entire post was created while listening to Billy Currington on Pandora. Gosh, next thing you know I’ll be liking country boys too…


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