101 Things I’d Rather do than Write a Blog Post

Ofta. It’s been awhile and for that I am sorry. But (there’s always a but) I apologize with a long list of very good excuses.  Now I wont waste your time listing all of these excuses (mainly because I don’t want to take the time to think them up) but I will give you the main reason: I suffer from what I like to call APRBA.

Acute Pessimistic Return to Blogging Anxiety: The state of being so intoxicatingly anxious that since one hasn’t blogged in so long, they believe that when they  finally return to it, it must be excellent, which creates a perpetual non-writing cycle further intensifying said anxiety.

Now I tried many times in these last few weeks to fight this disease and post something. I even yelled at myself a few times – you’re home alone, it’s freezing outside, you have nothing better to do than dance around in your underwear and belt out the words to every Carrie Underwood song in your Itune’s library snuggle up with a hot cup of tea and write a heartfelt blog post.

In all reality I have been pretty busy. I’ve been fighting off a real illness – okay not really an illness- just the common cold, and I’ve recently set up Artful Living Magazine with our very own blog. Check out weekly updates on home, design, travel, art, culture, & fashion @ www.artfullivingblog.com.



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