Makeovers & Margaritas

I got a good kick out of Google Trends today.

I looked to see what us Americans are raving about online and the results were quite ridiculous. Number 4 this afternoon? Justin Bieber’s haircut.










Apparently trimming his luscious locks lost J.Biebs 80,000 followers on Twitter. This just makes me thank the heavens that my friends didn’t disown me after the butchered bang incident of 2009.

How to Instantly look like a twelve-year-old child:
1.) Start with wet hair so when your hair dries, your already too short bangs shrink up an extra 1/4 inch or so.
2.) Do not section off bangs. Make one solid chop with a very dull pair of scrap-booking scissors.
3.) Add layers. Layers are sexy.
4.) Freak out.
5.) Invest in headbands.
6.) Lots of headbands.

But what really caught my attention on Google Trends: Today is National Margarita Day 2011. (And after that homemade haircut, you’re definitely going to need one.) Pomegranate marg on the rocks, extra salt please!


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