Don’t be a Drag, just be a Queen.

I created my own snow day today. There is no way I am trekking up to St. Cloud just to sit through two and a half hours of trying to understand my foreign professor. Especially because he hated on Lady Gaga last week – excuse me kind sir, if this class is supposed to be about equality between people no matter their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or skin color, then L. Gaga should probably just be teaching this class.

(While I do sometimes think some of her music/costumes/performances are a tad bit crazy, I still respect her creativity, passion, and heart. She stands up for what she believes in which I think is admirable in anyone.)

I wanted to tell my professor to listen to Born this Way, her new single, when he started bad talking her last week, but I know from experience that my mouth usually just gets me in trouble when I speak my mind in my Ethnic Studies classes.

So I quietly bit my tongue and went back to doodling in my notebook. (I can already tell that this one notebook will not last the entire semester.)

Pictured: Lady Gaga participating in the NO H8 campaign. 

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