Eyes glazed like an overcast sky
The playground will be still today
Like a winter that wont end.

Minutes seem like years,
As if she forgot to turn the page
On the calendar that hangs
On the wall.

Blank stares across the table
Leave unwritten words
Stuck in her head like knives.


Across town,
I sit alone while baby sleeps,
Waiting for the man on the other side of that table.
The snow falls and traps me inside for another winter.

It’s too cold for the birds.
The concrete wears with each frozen day,
Slowly cracking, forming new wrinkles.

From flat plains to deep canals,
That were formed by smiles of the past.
Like I’m being punished for former happiness.

My chair rocks as the hours pass,
Each slower than the one before.

The piercing silence fills the air.


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