Ken & Barbie, together again : )

I found out some pretty hard hitting news a few days late. Which is weird seeing as I’m usually always on the ball. Not. Papa Mike has been trying to get me to read the Wall Street Journal now for months – those things really start to pile up – but the only thing I’ve found it useful for so far is to wrap my Christmas presents, sorry Dad. BUT at least I’m not using the small plastic bags that it comes in to clean up my puppy dog’s poo (sorry for the sell out Jen).

Anyway, I swear there’s a point to all of this, yes I found out that my all time favorite duo, Barbie and Ken, got back together in time for Valentines Day! After Mattel announced their split in 2004, I was really ticked at Barbie. I couldn’t believe she let that handsome plastic doll get away.

But the last few months people have been following Ken’s pleading attempts to win Barbie back on all sorts of social media sites. I’m talking Facebook, Twitter, Foresquare, and even There were even billboards sprinkled through the streets of California!

Fans around the world were ultimately the ones that got to decide if the on again off again couple would reunite via an online vote. The results were announced by Barbie herself tweeting it out @BarbieStyle: “yes it’s true… @OfficialKen and I are back together again!” She even changed her relationship status on Facebook. Talk about a clever and creative campaign to drive sales for Ken and Barbie. Get more details @


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