Apparently, 5’6” isn’t short – Whoops!

So I’m at work, minding my own business, making a simple phone call to one of our advertisers to set up a meeting with him later this week. We decide to meet a coffee shop since both of our offices are in the middle of transitions. At the end of our chat he tells me he’ll be wearing a leather jacket and glasses. Okay now I feel like I’m going on some sort of blind date where next he’s going to tell me he’ll be the one with a copy of my favorite book and a red rose at the end of the espresso bar.

He goes on to ask me what he should look for so of course I tell him I’ll be the one with the purple mohawk, tattoos from head to toe, and plenty of facial piercings. Hard to miss.

But all jokes aside how to you describe yourself to someone you’ve never met before in a simple sentence? He’ll be in a leather jacket – great I have no clue what I’ll be wearing next week. If I were my step-dad it’d be easy; full head of luscious silver locks and a salmon colored shirt. I’m honestly unsure if he owns a shirt outside that color spectrum.

I’ll be the young, short, blonde – probably like half of the women that will be at the coffee shop that day – Stumbling in with a mess of sketches and magazines – see ya then!




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