Give Love

While my Valentines Day plans will most likely consist of drowning myself in Chinese take-out, snuggled up in my favorite sweats, watching He’s Just not that into You, I figured that there probably are a few of you love birds out there pumped for this day – and I refuse to rain on your parade (even if I do have an adorable pair of rainboots to wear while doing so).  That said, I have complied a list of a few of my favorite Heart Day gifts to give this year.

TOMS shoes: Red Stone-Washed Twill Women’s Classics:
Give love to your sweetheart AND an adorable child in need this year. TOMS shoe’s One for One movement donates a pair of shoes to a barefoot child around the world with every pair you purchase. This red pair is perfect for Valentine’s Day and you’ll make a difference in the life of a child – now that’s love! $48 dollars @

Other People’s Love Letters:
Being a sucker for sweet words, this book undoubtably caught my attention. With over 150 letters you were never meant to see, this sneaky little book allows you to dive into other peoples private worlds – guilt free! This is just the gift for your sweet hearted dweeb – and makes great as a coffee table read. $15 dollars @

Salvatore Principe Prosecco:
Heading to your (insert cheesy term of endearment here) on February 14th? News Flash: sparkling white wines are hot, Hot, HOT! With one of Salvatore Principe’s gorgeous hand painted hearts adorned on this delicious sparkling, you’re sure to score extra brownie points.  Bring along some fresh cheeses and have it with raspberries as a pre-dinner treat. Not in to sparklings? The Malbec is amazing as well!

Homemade Valentines:
No one wants a mushy Hallmark greeting card full of tear-jerking words someone else wrote (okay maybe some people do, but I definitely do not.) Homemade gifts always mean more to me because they come from the heart. This “you’re unforgettable” elephant valentine is the just the cutest thing – and almost too easy to make! Simply cut out three 2 ½ inch hearts, (one with a “trunk” at the bottom), glue ‘em together, add some googly eyes, heart stickers, a sweet message, and get ready for your puppy love to fall at your feet.



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2 responses to “Give Love

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  2. Jenny

    You’re such a great writer…. Your blog always makes me laugh out loud! Just so you know I will take one of each of these fabulous gifts for Valentine’s Day this year :)

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