Where Happy Endings Begin

So it’s a week before my 23rd birthday and I find it a little ironic that while my fingers are fumbling through the mess of hair on my head, frantically searching for any signs of gray, I’m getting teased about being so young I should be out roaming the racks for the perfect prom dress.

Although the conversation didn’t turn out quite how I wanted it to, it got me thinking – why in the world are all my old prom dresses still hanging, collecting dust, in a closest at my parents house when they could be donated to a high school girl in need.

Operation Glass Slipper is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing gowns and accessories to teenage girls who are unable to attend their prom due to cost. Since 2006, their team has outfitted more than 3,000 deserving girls in the Twin Cities area. With plenty of convenient, easy to find, drop-off locations, there’s no reason why you can’t take an hour out of your weekend to glam-up a gal for her night on the town.

Operation Glass Slipper is accepting gowns, jewelry, purses, shoes, shawls and more January through June. Go to operationglassslipper.org for more info.


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