How to Build a Family

Today I put the final staple in the biggest project of my college career. Well, I guess I paper-clipped it. A staple wouldn’t have been strong enough to hold the 36 pages that make up the “best” work I’ve done at SCSU.

It was entertaining – digging through the files of my computer searching for anything that had any worth. I realized how much I have grown as a writer since my first English class freshman year – and how much I haven’t. They say that every writer only has one story. And that they write it over and over again, never feeling they can get it quite right.

Throughout every piece (well the ones that made the final cut into my portfolio- it was pretty cut throat :) ) there was one common theme: family. And that makes me realize even more just how lucky I am to have such an amazing one.

Even though it would take a napkin the size of Texas to map out the “Morgan” family tree, with branches and limbs tangled and twisted in every direction, I know our tree is special because it’s always growing, always maturing, but most importantly, it’s always blossoming.



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3 responses to “How to Build a Family

  1. Eric Ketchum

    Agreed, and I think that family is where ever I am with my friends… I consider you my family. Happy to see you moving to the next stage in your life! Congratulations!

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