senior year número dos

            Victory lap? Why not! I’ve loved my last four years at college so why not make it one more. I’m sure a lot of you know, but I’ve decided to delay graduation a semester and take a job at Target. So, I’m taking less credits and working 30+ hours a week too. So far, training has been wonderful. I showed up for my first training shift as GSA and after an hour of training they threw keys and a walkie at me and put me in charge, it was awesome. Sure, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off and I’m sure that terror covered my face in brief moments of hectic-ness but I’m catching on, learning a ton, and absolutely loving it.

            For those of you who have ever seen me at my prime (elbow deep in a bag of cool ranch Doritos) you probably wouldn’t believe that I love being busy, but I do. I’m taking senior seminar, writing in the professions, advanced poetry, the psychology of death and dying, and yes, gym class.

            I am a horrible poet as both my professor and I agree, but I believe it really helps my fiction writing so I want to get better at it. I am most excited for my writing in the professions class – focusing on blogging (which I already love to do) and twitter (which I need to get better at!) So, just a little FYI, some of my future posts may be some of the blogs I write for that class, focusing on tips for grammar, punctuation, and writing styles – so I might actually teach you something!

For my fellow super seniors: Hope you’re having a great first week in class! I know it’s going be hard with half our gang missing, but let’s make this year, the best one yet.


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