Dirpy Discovery

I just discovered the coolest new thing (well, knowing me, I’m sure this has been out forever and I’m just the last person to hear about it.) I’ve always been too nervous to download music, so i’ve been one of those people who spends the .99cents to buy songs from itunes. In other words, I never had any new music because I never spent the money to buy it! But just the other day Caitlin, being a music purchaser as well, let me in on a secret about this website that turns YouTube URLs into MP3 files… for FREE! Not having to have Limewire on my computer makes me feel better about things.. I don’t know why, I was mainly afraid of viruses. (If you are some computer nerd and I can still get viruses from this – please tell me)

Anyway, what’s so great about this is that you can really download anything and turn it into a MP3 file. (Artists that aren’t on itunes, comedians, ect..) There is this cover band that I am obsessed with called Boyce Avenue and I never knew how to get their music, I would always just listen to it when my Pandora decided to play it. (Which is still amazing! Hey Soul Sister is my favorite radio station on there, I could listen to it all day, every day.) But now I can get Boyce Avenue on my itunes. Life it good :) If you like acoustic music you should definitely check them out. They do a lot of “mash-ups” of different songs and the lead singer’s voice is very soothing. They can make me feel better, no matter how bad of a mood I’m in.  My favorite is their Tattoo/No One/Where is the Love, Melody.

Ok so heres how it’s done. Go to http://www.dirpy.com.

Copy and paste a YouTube URL into the search box. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjIJW_aB9Wg) is the Boyce Avenue one, check it out!

Then edit any settings that you want to and click “download”. When it’s done open it and it will open right into your itunes. It’s SO easy even I can do it!

Happy Dirpy-ing … :)


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