Blogged Out

I figured I couldn’t just post another blog with out acknowledging the fact that it’s been FOREVER since I wrote anything. The best excuse that I have is that I’m just too darn busy, but that is a bold faced lie. I’ve been boating, cabin-ing, and relaxing my life away. Actually, the times that I did write was when I was extremely busy with school, and when the hustle and bustle subsided, the absolute last thing that I wanted to do was sit in front of a computer. But when even my drunken college friends are on my case to get back to it (awesome guys, I didn’t know that you could actually read) I figured it was time.

I have a few topics in mind. Like the fact that the only dates my boyfriend has ever taken me on have been to buffets or all you can eat night. Or that we’re in contact with MTV’s True Life: I don’t actually like my significant other. Kyle suggested writing about Chinese Buffets, what makes or breaks your experience, and Meagan wants me to write about how horrible moving was. My brain wont work right now, I have a bad case of Summer, so stay tuned… I’ll be back on the next rainy day : )


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