Crispy Crunchy Cookies

          I was at my Grandparent’s house the other day, hanging out with my family. My aunt and I some how got on the subject of little kids getting into mischief. I told the story of the two pea sized scars on my wrist and hand and it gave everyone a good laugh so I figured I’d share the wonderful little story.

          I was making cookies from a tub of premade cookie dough while my mom and John sat in the living room. I was an annoying little kid, I’m sure they’d let me do just about anything to get me out of their hair so they could watch their one hour of Survivor. Don’t get me wrong, I have amazing parents, but I even got on my own nerves sometimes (not going to lie, I kinda still do) Anyway, my mom said it was okay for me to make the cookies so I went right to work. Keep in mind however that the way our house is set up, they couldn’t see me. Bad idea Mom and John. Bad Idea.

          I’d never made cookies before. I’m not quite sure if I actually knew how to even turn the oven on. But I’ll tell you this, when the timer went off to tell me the cookies were done, I peaked inside that oven and they were still soft on the top. Disappointed and irritated, my sweet tooth got an idea. I’d made a grilled cheese before (that might be a lie, I may not have made one before this incident but I sure as heck had seen my mom make one) anyway when she made a grilled cheese, she always flipped them to get both sides of the sandwich nice and toasted. At the young age of 10 or so I figured this same logic would be applied to cookies.

          Too lazy to put the oven mitts on to pull the cookie sheet out of the oven, I decided it was a bright idea to take a spatula and flip the cookies (Yes, you heard me right, flip them) while still in the oven. I got about half way through, sticking my tongue out of the corner of my mouth in concentration when I got to the ones in the back, further from my reach. With a gleeful smile on my face, proud of myself for fixing the gooey topped cookies without asking for help, I reached my spatula in for the last and final flip. Cocky and overconfident at my previous success, I flipped a little too fast and a lot too high burning the top of my hand on the scorching hot oven coils. OUCH!


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