right. left. repeat.

Being a three-sport athlete in High School, I got in my fair share of working out, but I never really ran just to run. It was always some sort of drill, sprint, or task. It was quick and had a purpose. My main motivation behind these exercises was to be the best: the first one to finish a “killer” at basketball practice, to secure my number one position in my event in track, to beat the girl to the first touch during soccer drills, but never to compete with myself. 

I live with three other girls who are all training for the Earth Day half marathon and I never understood why. Who runs just for fun? Being too broke to buy my gym pass this semester, I’ve been putting off the gym using that excuse, but I’ve been going crazy not being active. So instead of spending the money to hit up the Elliptical machine today, I decided to give running a shot. I laced up my barely used Nikes and bundled up for a run down the Mississippi. 

Running is mostly mental. I learned that today. If you tell yourself you can’t run any further, you can’t. It’s just that easy. But if you pick a spot down the path and tell yourself you can get there, you can. And when you make it that far, pick a new spot and run to it. Soon you’re not worried about what spot you’re running towards anymore and you get lost in your thoughts. I found out that there’s no better time to think things through then when it’s just you and the pavement. Steadily placing one foot in front of another, breathing in that crisp spring air, alone for those few miles with just you.

Having a good attitude about it today made it easier. I hadn’t worked out in awhile but I was impressed with how far I went. It was only day one and I enjoyed it, but what if I’m not in the mood to run tomorrow? How do I get myself motivated to keep going? I don’t know the answer to that yet but the nice weather sure helps.


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